Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

  1. M/s. AARTEE’S SELECTION is the sole owner of the brand AARA COUTURE.
  2. This GIFT CARD entitles the registered user to purchase any product from our Dadar Store – AARA COUTURE or from our website –
  3. To be able to redeem the GIFT CARD please register yourself on our website if you are not registered.
  4. This GIFT CARD cannot be redeemed for cash.
  5. AARA COUTURE reserves the right to reject any GIFT CARD in case it reasonably suspects that the GIFT CARD has been utilized or the GIFT CARD’s unique code is invalid or if you are not the intended recipient.
  6. The GIFT CARD is valid for six months from the date of purchase/issue. The validity of GIFT CARDs cannot be extended beyond the expiry date. Unused GIFT CARDs will not be entitled to any purchase or replacement for a new card in exchange.
  7. AARA COUTURE is not liable for delivery/non-delivery of GIFT CARDs to an incorrect/non-existent email address and this will solely be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  8. This GIFT CARD is non-transferable.
  9. This GIFT CARD cannot, in part or whole, be:
    • redeemed for cash/credit notes ;
    • refunded; or
    • substituted.
  10. In case the invoice value is greater than the GIFT CARD value, the customer must pay the balance amount.
  11. This GIFT CARD is for one-time use. Its value will have to be redeemed in one single purchase only. Any remaining balance on the GIFT CARD will not be carried forward for any subsequent purchase.
  12. AARA COUTURE shall not be held liable for any unauthorized and/or fraudulent purchase made using this GIFT CARD. AARA COUTURE presumes that the person presenting the GIFT CARD is the actual and intended beneficiary of the gift card and shall not be required to verify whether the person presenting the GIFT CARD for redemption is the actual/intended beneficiary of the same.
  13. Without prejudice to aforesaid, in no event will it be the liability of AARA COUTURE for any claims arising under this GIFT CARD shall exceed the value of this GIFT CARD.
  14. This GIFT CARD will be governed by the laws of India and disputes, if any, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai only.